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About me:

My Name is Majidah Haziz-Ramadhan I'm a young, self-taught Muslimah artist. I'm still in the process of developing my artwork. I hope to share my work with the world as well as put a smile on peoples faces.
All of the artwork sold here is original.

The meaning of the name 'Minsa'.

Minsa is an Arabic name meaning peaceful. The meaning behind using the name ' Minsa' is that I only draw peaceful and relaxed drawings. My purpose of choosing the name and drawing only peaceful drawings is to have an appropriate gallery for all ages. It is also a part of my religion to stay away from unpleasant and inappropriate sightings. 


I do not draw faces,eyes, human bodies or any type of skull art.  At the moment I do not take any custom request for drawings. I might decide to accept custom request later on but as for right now, I don't.


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